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    Sakura Miku fan-made live in Hirosaki planned by five Tokyo students

    Sakura Miku fan-made live in Hirosaki planned by five Tokyo students

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    The fan-made live performance "HIROSAKI SAKURA MIKU LIVE 2024" featuring Hatsune Miku and Sakura Miku will be held on April 14th at the multipurpose hall of Hirosaki City Tourist Center (Shimo Shirogane-cho, Hirosaki City).

    Sakura Miku is a spring-inspired character derived from the virtual singer Hatsune Miku. Hirosaki City has appointed Sakura Miku as the official support character for the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival since 2019, and is developing collaborative projects.

    Hatsune Miku's live performances expressed in 3D images have become so popular that they have even gone on world tours. The live event is a fan-made event created by the ``Hirosaki Sakura Miku Live Preparation Group,'' which is led by Houjicha (Naito), a second-year university student living in Tokyo, and is in charge of 3DCG. Houjicha says, ``When you think of Hatsune Miku, it's live performances. I hope we can do a live performance that will enliven the Hirosaki Sakura Festival.''

    Derivative works of Hatsune Miku are possible, and songs created with Hatsune Miku and creative activities such as ``I tried singing'' and ``I tried dancing'' are gathered on various posting sites. Run by five students and working adults who are part of the preparatory committee, they create the videos themselves and bring all the equipment to Hirosaki. ``I want people in Hirosaki to experience the 3DCG live performance, which is one of Miku's charms,'' says Hojicha.

    Houjicha became obsessed with Hatsune Miku's live shows when she was in junior high school, and began helping out at fan-made live shows. I have no connection to Hirosaki and visited Hirosaki for the first time in 2021 to see Sakura Miku. Impressed by Sakura Miku's projects that are closely tied to the local community, she began preparations for a live performance in Hirosaki.

    The live performance is scheduled to last about an hour with a selection of spring-themed songs. Mr. Hojicha says, ``We want to grow this event into something that can be held every year, so we encourage the people of Aomori, especially Hirosaki, to come and see it.''

    Doors open at 16:30, performance starts at 17:00. free entrance. Tickets will be sold on the ticket site "teket".

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