We will give you special information of AOMORI!


    AOMORI TRAVEL offers the latest information on sightseeing spots, souvenirs, shopping, food, and more, as well as recommendations on Aomori that we know only because we live in the prefecture, for people who love the prefecture and travel to it.

    We decided to create "AOMORI TRAVEL" to convey the charms of Aomori Prefecture, not just the typical tourist spots that appear in tourist magazines, but also the information that only locals in Aomori know about the prefecture, and to let more people know about our favorite prefecture.

    Aomori has a lot to offer in terms of attractions, such as food loved by the people of Aomori, cute souvenirs that are unique to the prefecture, and scenic spots recommended by the people of Aomori.

    You will find things about Aomori that are not so well known and that you would like to tell someone about at AOMORI TRAVEL!

    I hope you have a good trip with AOMORI TRAVEL.

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