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    Cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park continue to bloom, with some saying the outer moat is in full bloom

    Cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park continue to bloom, with some saying the outer moat is in full bloom

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    Somei-Yoshino cherry blossoms were confirmed to be in full bloom throughout Hirosaki Park on April 15th. The Hirosaki City Parks and Green Spaces Division announced this on the same day.

    Hirosaki Park, which covers an area of ​​approximately 492,000 square meters (about the size of 10 Tokyo Domes) and is home to 52 varieties of cherry blossoms, including 1,700 Somei-Yoshino trees, has slight differences in the way the cherry blossoms bloom, with differences of one or two days between the outer moat, within the park, and on the east and west sides.

    According to the announcement, the cherry blossoms in the garden were 10% in bloom, the outer moat was 30% to 50% in bloom, and the cherry blossom tunnel was in full bloom on the same day. The expected full bloom dates are the 17th for the outer moat, the 18th for the garden, and the 19th for the cherry blossom tunnel. On the same day, the maximum temperature in Hirosaki City was 27.8 degrees, making it as hot as mid-July, and many cherry blossom viewers were wearing short sleeves.

    A woman in her 20s who lives in Hirosaki said, "The cherry blossoms weren't in bloom in the morning, but when I went to the park again in the afternoon, they were in bloom, and the outer moat was in full bloom. It looks like the cherry blossoms will bloom early this year."

    Ebina Yuji, an arborist in the department and a member of "Team Sakura Guardian," said, "We check the cherry blossom blooming status every day between 9:00 and 11:00. Due to high temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius over the past few days, the cherry blossoms have bloomed more quickly than usual, but there is a limit to how fast they can grow. The time from first bloom to full bloom will probably only be about one day faster."

    As for varieties other than Somei-Yoshino, the late-blooming "Sekiyama" is expected to bloom on April 26. Early-blooming varieties such as "Hirosaki Shidare" and "Kofukuzakura" are already in full bloom.

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