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    Two classmates collaborate on “Ichi” beauty salon at Hirosaki Hachimangu Shrine

    Two classmates collaborate on “Ichi” beauty salon at Hirosaki Hachimangu Shrine

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    The beauty salon "ich!iii" (Tamachi, TEL 0172-26-5235 ) opened on March 15th on the approach to Hirosaki Hachimangu Shrine.

    Miyoko Ichinohe, a hairdresser who worked at the beauty salon "BOB FLEX" (Omachi) for 29 years, has opened a new salon. The store was opened in a newly built property consisting of eight two-story boxes on the approach road between the first torii gate and the second torii gate. The first floor will have business space, and the second floor will have residential space for rent.

    Mr. Ichinohe and Hiromi Narita, the landlord of matu338, were classmates in high school. The two of them worked together to open a beauty salon. Looking back, Mr. Ichinohe says, ``My feelings of independence have increased due to the coronavirus pandemic,'' and ``I consulted Mr. Narita in 2021.Mr. Narita, who loves buildings, was looking for a rental property, but it was difficult to find a property that met his criteria. While I was doing that, I found my current location."

    ``We both like shrines and temples, so we decided on the location right away,'' says Narita, who said that the store was located in a former candy store building, and they initially considered renovating the store. However, the building was constructed as a new building due to unfavorable conditions. ``When constructing the building, I conveyed the image of the Nakagin Capsule Tower Building to the design firm Mizuiro Architects (Fujisaki Town),'' says Narita.

    Mr. Ichinohe says, ``In order for customers to spend their time in the store comfortably, we paid attention to every detail, such as installing a skylight above the shampoo stand and adjusting the size of the dressing table.'' "I hope it will be a comfort to our customers."

    The cut menu is from 4,840 yen for adults, 4,180 yen for university students, 3,630 yen for junior high school students, and 2,750 yen for elementary school students. Treatments start from 2,750 yen, head spas cost 3,630 yen, etc.

    Mr. Ichinohe says, ``I've finally made it to the starting line. I want to use my skills and experience to provide a service that provides total hair care that suits the person's lifestyle and work.''

    Business hours are from 9:30 to 19:00. Closed on Tuesdays.

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