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    Theater, an adult movie theater in Hirosaki, closes after 50 years

    Theater, an adult movie theater in Hirosaki, closes after 50 years

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    Hirosaki's adult movie theater ``Theatre Hirosaki'' (Okeyacho, Hirosaki City) will close on March 22nd.

    The only adult movie theater in Tohoku that has been operating for about 50 years near the downtown area of ​​Kajicho. It opened in 1975 (Showa 50). In 1974 (Showa 49), Kenzo Kudo, who worked at Hirosaki Katsu, opened a restaurant building he named ``Theatre Hirosaki'' in the corner of the restaurant building that was built on the site of ``New Toei,'' which closed. The beginning. Management is App Shoji. Approximately 60 seats per screen.

    Three adult films were screened three or four times, and the films were changed every two weeks. At its peak, there were times when screenings were held all night and the theaters were filled to capacity. Mr. Kudo passed away over ten years ago, and was succeeded by his wife and eldest son, but in 2022, Mr. Kudo's wife passed away, and his eldest son now works as the curator.

    Regular customers were first notified of the closure, and a notice was posted inside the facility on February 22, one month in advance. As for the reason for the museum's closure, the owner said, ``The number of regular customers is decreasing year by year, and the number of works continues to decrease.It's a declining industry.Management has continued to be difficult.Even during the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to continue operating.It's just that the curtain has finally come to an end.'' and talk. ``I would like to thank the regular customers who have come through,'' he said.

    Permanent movie theaters that were born in Hirosaki began with the ``Shinkenkan,'' which opened in 1914 (Taisho 3), and all of them disappeared after ``Theatre Hirosaki.'' Hirosaki currently has a cinema complex called AEON Cinema Hirosaki.

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