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    Aomori Mutsu Woodworking Shop sells “Small Aomori Hiba logs” as “fragrant interior”

    Aomori Mutsu Woodworking Shop sells “Small Aomori Hiba logs” as “fragrant interior”

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    On March 10th, Hiba Woodworking Shop Kinoko (Mutsu City, Tel : 080-1675-0188 ), a store specializing in Hiba products from Aomori, began selling small Aomori Hiba logs.

    A winter-only product that lets you enjoy the scent of freshly cut cypress wood. Tomoaki Kudo, president of the company, said, ``The Shimokita Peninsula is Japan's number one hiba producing area.I was familiar with the scent, but somehow I was able to recreate the fresh, fruity scent of freshly cut hiba that impressed me at the sawmill I used to work at. I thought I might be able to deliver it."

    President Kudo founded the company in August last year with his wife Naho, saying, ``We would like to promote Aomori Hiba products with stylish and pleasing designs and improve the image of Aomori Hiba,'' and the couple has been developing products together. .

    Until now, President Kudo has been selling ``Aomori Hiba Fresh Sliced ​​Aromatic Wood,'' which is vacuum-packed freshly cut Hiba wood about 2 centimeters thick, for a limited time only during the winter. Last winter, we released the same product in various sizes with the hope that ``we want people to enjoy the scent for a longer period of time'' and ``we want them to feel the shape and changes in the wood itself.'' ``Small logs are products that take advantage of the characteristics of hibernating cypress trees and convey the scent of freshly cut wood.Not only can you enjoy the scent, but you can also use them to hold pet food dishes, vases, or use them as objects in your room. It has its uses,” said President Kudo.

    Prices are S size (approximately 12 to 14 cm in diameter, 1,650 yen to 8,910 yen), M size (16 to 18 cm in diameter, 2,200 yen to 12,760 yen), and L size (20 to 22 cm in diameter, 3,300 yen to 17,160 yen). ). All are approximately 10 cm to 70 cm in height. The height will be adjusted as much as possible.

    President Kudo said, ``I want people to incorporate it into their daily lives as a fragrant interior decoration.I want the people of Aomori to know about the fresh scent, and I want people from outside the prefecture to try smelling it once.While enjoying the scent, I want people in Aomori to know the scent of fresh wood. I hope people can experience the process of cracking and the change in color as ``the natural appearance of Hiba.''

    It will be on sale until the end of April on the official sales website.

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