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    Ringo Musume's new album "Diamond" is ranked #1 for the week at 12 CD stores in Aomori Prefecture

    Ringo Musume's new album "Diamond" is ranked #1 for the week at 12 CD stores in Aomori Prefecture

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    On April 1st, the album "Diamond" by Hirosaki dance and vocal unit Ringo Musume ranked first in the weekly CD sales rankings at 12 CD stores in Aomori Prefecture.

    The unit aims to revitalize the local area and invigorate the primary industry through entertainment by disseminating information from the region through music and entertainment activities. The group was formed in 2000, and all of the members are named after apple varieties. Currently, the group consists of four members: Pink Lady, Star King Delicious, Hatsukoi Green, and Kinboshi, and has been active since 2022.

    "Diamond" is the first album by the current four members, and contains 11 songs, including three singles. It was released on March 27th, and in Aomori Prefecture, it was sold at HMV Aeon Mall Tsugaru Kashiwa, Panda Records Sakurano Hirosaki, TSUTAYA 6, For You, and Narita Main Store 3, and ranked first in weekly sales at all stores.

    To coincide with the release, Ringo Musume held release events all over Aomori Prefecture, as well as events in Shimokita and Nanbu, where they vigorously promoted the album with mini-live shows, autograph sessions, and CD "handover events."

    Leader Pink Lady smiled and said, "We're happy to achieve the result of reaching number one on the weekly charts in our hometown of Aomori Prefecture. So many fans shared in the joy of the album release with us. We would like to continue to express our gratitude to them as much as we can."

    The album tour will begin in May, visiting seven locations: Miyagi, Hokkaido, Niigata, Osaka, Fukuoka, Aichi, and Tokyo. Kinsei said, "A live tour is our first attempt. We're a bit nervous and anxious, but we want to do our best for our fans."

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