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    The second bookstore "Mawarimichi Bunko" opened in front of Hirosaki Station, run by a book-loving store manager

    The second bookstore "Mawarimichi Bunko" opened in front of Hirosaki Station, run by a book-loving store manager

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    The bookstore "Mawarimichi Bunko Ekimae Store" (Hirosaki Station) opened in front of JR Hirosaki Station on May 1st.

    This is the second store of the bookstore "Mawarimichi Bunko" located in Kakumi-koji, Shinkajicho. The 12.2m2 store sells about 1,000 new books selected by the store manager, Maki Akimoto, including children's books and educational books. There will also be a corner for books related to Aomori.

    Akimoto-san is a book lover who reads 200 books a year, and is the president of a medical equipment sales company. "I have encountered books that changed my life, and I hope that our store can become a place where people can encounter such books," said Akimoto-san. He frequented "Mawarimichi Bunko" and persuaded the store owner, Takumi Nara, to open a second store.

    The opening date was brought forward from the original plan. Akimoto said, "When I found out that Junkudo Hirosaki Nakasan was going to close on April 30th, I brought the opening forward because I didn't want the bookstore culture to die out in Hirosaki. I insisted on May 1st as the day when I could take over from Junkudo."

    Akimoto, who decided to open the store in front of the station, said, "For a long time, there were no bookstores in the Hirosaki Station building or the surrounding area, and I felt that it was not only inconvenient but also lonely to have no bookstore at the entrance to the transportation. The exterior and interior of the store were modeled after a British bookstore that you would want to visit." The store is located on the sidewalk near Hirosaki Station, and you can see inside the store through the glass walls.

    On the first day of opening, the store was packed with customers. Akimoto-san said with a smile, "I'm glad to hear people say they're grateful to have a bookstore in front of the station. I want to make this a store where people can feel free to come in and enjoy discovering new books." He also said, "I hope there will be more bookstores in Hirosaki."

    Business hours are from 10:00 to 18:00.

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