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    Craft event with 5 artists at a temple in Hirosaki including woodwork and Tsugaru lacquerware

    Craft event with 5 artists at a temple in Hirosaki including woodwork and Tsugaru lacquerware

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    The craft event ``Flag the Earth and Kataru the Universe'' began on November 30th at Yakuozan Shodenji Temple (Nishishigemori, Hirosaki City).

    The event's themes are "wood," "lacquer," "painting," "cloth," and "ceramic." Works by five artists will be exhibited and sold. The event started when Kentaro Oyu of ``Kikobo DAIROKU'', the only one of the five people to exhibit woodwork, approached him with the idea of ​​holding an event at ``Yakuozan Shodenji'', which he had a business relationship with. Mr. Oyu said with a smile, ``I never imagined it would be such a wonderful space.''

    In addition to Oyu, the five exhibitors include Totsuken, which exhibits about 100 Tsugaru lacquerware works, Higanbana Kimimimaru, who is also a Neputa painter and exhibits paintings, and Indonesian Makiko Kikuchi of Bin House will be exhibiting traditional batik-dyed cloth ``Java chintz,'' and Manabu Sato of ``Tsugaru Chiyozukama'' will be exhibiting over 150 pieces of pottery. Five people will be in the gallery during the event.

    The venue will be the reception room of the main shrine of Shodenji Temple, which is over 100 years old, and the Western-style room of the shrine office, which is not open to the public. Oyu says, ``Until the day of the event, I had no idea what kind of event it would be, but thanks to the head priest's cooperation with us as we struggled to choose a venue, we were able to make it happen.''

    Inside the venue, there will be shops selling baked goods and organic coffee made with pesticide-free rice flour from Aomori Prefecture, where visitors can eat and drink freely. Oyu says, ``It will be a spectacular exhibit, and I hope you will come and enjoy the atmosphere of the temple.'' ``In the future, we would like to make this a craft event that can attract people from outside Aomori Prefecture.''

    The event is held from 10:00 to 16:00. free entrance. Until December 2nd.

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