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    Introducing about 80 hot springs in Aomori prefecture Mook book “Visiting hot springs in Aomori”

    Introducing about 80 hot springs in Aomori prefecture Mook book “Visiting hot springs in Aomori”

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    The publisher ``Graph Aomori'' (Tsutsui Yatsuhashi, Aomori City) published the mook book ``Visiting Aomori's Hot Springs'' on November 20th.

    The company's president, Koichi Shimoike, is known locally as a ``hot spring specialist'' and has appeared regularly on private broadcasting hot spring programs. He has published books on hot springs three times: in 1988 (Showa 63), 1992 (Heisei 4), and 2014 (Heisei 26). This book is the first publication in nine years and lists 79 locations, the largest number ever.

    According to President Shimoike, the hot spring industry in Aomori Prefecture is facing a crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, soaring fuel costs, and a lack of successors, even though Aomori Prefecture has one of the highest numbers of hot springs in the country. President Shimoike said, ``Earlier this year, we heard from hot spring facilities asking if we could publish another book, so we approached several other hot spring facilities and got a good response.We decided to publish a book. "The five editorial staff spent two and a half months conducting new interviews on all the hot springs we included." This book summarizes the data and overview of the hot springs for each facility, as well as the history and stories of the hot springs.

    President Shimoike points out three attractive points about Aomori's hot springs: ``A wide variety of hot springs,'' ``Most of the hot springs are free-flowing,'' and ``A large amount of hot water.'' ``I don't want Aomori's wonderful hot springs to disappear.To that end, I want to spread the appeal not only in Aomori but throughout the country.'' The book summarizes President Shimoike's thoughts and the correct way to bathe in a hot spring, and introduces it in columns.

    President Shimoike says, ``The A5 size makes it easy to carry around.I encourage people to visit hot springs in the prefecture with this book in hand.''

    The price is 1,430 yen. It will be sold at bookstores in Aomori Prefecture, the company's website, Aomori Prefecture Antenna Shop Tokyo store, AoMoLink Akasaka, etc.

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