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    Fukaura's giant ginkgo, illuminated ``Big Yellow'', begins in full bloom

    Fukaura's giant ginkgo, illuminated ``Big Yellow'', begins in full bloom

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    The Kitakanegasawa ginkgo tree, a nationally designated natural monument in Fukaura, Aomori, is currently at its peak of yellowing leaves.

    Estimated to be 1,000 years old, this large ginkgo tree is 31 meters high and has a trunk circumference of 22 meters, making it the largest ginkgo tree in Japan. The current coloration is about 60%. The illumination event, titled ``Big Yellow,'' began on November 15th this year and has been crowded with visitors every day.

    ``I knew about it online, but I was surprised by the size and the illumination, which was bigger than I expected,'' said a man in his 50s visiting from Hirosaki City. A woman in her 20s visiting from Aomori City said, ``I was impressed by the size of the image, which filled my smartphone screen, and the power of the illumination.''

    According to the Fukaura Town Hall Tourism Division, if the leaves continue to turn yellow, they will consider extending the illumination. The person in charge said, ``This year's coloring is about a week later than usual.As the coloring progresses, the leaves begin to fall, so the best time to see Big Yellow has just begun.''

    Light up time is 4:30pm to 8:30pm. Until November 30th.

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