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    "Float" is a second-hand clothing store specializing in women in Aomori, and also offers products to men.

    "Float" is a second-hand clothing store specializing in women in Aomori, and also offers products to men.

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    It has been a month since the second-hand clothing store Float (Midori 3, Aomori City) opened near Sunroad Aomori.

    The store mainly sells women's second-hand clothing. It is a sister store of the second-hand clothing store "TOY SOJDIERS USED CLOTHING" (same address) in Aomori City, and opened on April 12th.

    The owner, Aiyu Mikami, says, "There are very few secondhand clothing stores in Aomori that handle women's clothing, so I started a store that specializes in women's clothing." Mikami is a former staff member of "TOY SOJDIERS USED CLOTHING" and has experience purchasing clothing overseas. Currently, she purchases clothing once every six months. "It's fun to look for unique clothing that is one of a kind, such as colorful, painted, or custom items," she says.

    The store is about 66 square meters in size. "I want to change the image of second-hand clothing stores," says Mikami, encouraging customers to try on expensive items without hesitation. "Some customers say that second-hand clothing stores are hard to enter, but because I'm in my 20s and standing in the glass-walled store, they seem to feel more comfortable entering," she says.

    The product lineup includes T-shirts (from 2,800 yen), sweatshirts (from 3,800 yen), shirts and blouses (from 2,800 yen), jeans (from 6,800 yen), dresses (from 6,800 yen), etc. Accessories such as caps, bags, accessories, and sunglasses are also available.

    A wide range of sizes will be available, from SS to 6XL. Mikami says, "In recent years, more and more men have started incorporating women's clothing into their fashion and are enjoying broadening the range of outfits they can wear. We want to offer a variety of fashion styles to people who are new to vintage clothing."

    Business hours are 12:00-20:00 (11:00 on Saturdays and Sundays). Closed on Mondays.

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