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    Craft event "Wand Street" in Owani, Aomori, decorates the town in pink

    Craft event "Wand Street" in Owani, Aomori, decorates the town in pink

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    The food and craft event "Wand Street on Mother's Day" will be held in Owani, Aomori on May 12th.

    Kitchen cars, workshops, and restaurants will be set up in vacant houses and vacant stores on about 800 meters of Tekona Street and Yukemuri Street in the center of Owani. The event is organized by Wonder Wand, which runs the cafe From O (Owani Town). The plan was to enliven the streets, which have seen an increase in vacant stores.

    The first event was held in September last year, and attracted 1,500 visitors. Yojiro Sakamoto of Wonder Wand said, "This time, we've decided to hold the event on Mother's Day, and we plan to fill the town with pink flags and signs. We've nearly doubled the number of stores from last time, to 48."

    A large pink wall measuring about 4 meters square will be set up near the event headquarters as a photo spot. On the day, the first 300 people who use the Owani Line will receive a 500 yen gift certificate to be used at the event. During the event, Tekona Street will be closed to vehicles and turned into a pedestrian precinct.

    "We want people to know about the local stores that continue to operate," so a stamp rally will also be held at the stores along the street. Customers who purchase products at participating stores will be given a check sticker, and depending on the number of stickers they collect, they will be presented with an original sticker from the event.

    Sakamoto smiles and says, "I want to make this an event that will encourage more people to walk around the town of Owani."

    The event will be held from 10:00 to 16:00. Admission is free.

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