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    Hirosaki's "apple curved mirror" has become a hot topic, a town with a "apple-loving" feel

    Hirosaki's "apple curved mirror" has become a hot topic, a town with a "apple-loving" feel

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    Hirosaki City's ``Apple Curved Mirror'' posted on X by Zenrin (Kitakyushu City) is currently attracting attention.

    "Apple Curved Mirror" is an apple-shaped road reflecting mirror that was installed in conjunction with the opening of "Hirosaki City Apple Park" (hereinafter referred to as "Apple Park"), which was developed by Hirosaki City in 2001 (Heisei 13). In Hirosaki City, in addition to the area around Ringo Park, there are also locations near the Hirosaki Civic Gymnasium.

    A post posted by Zenrin on February 27th states, ``As an apple lover, Aomori Prefecture's curved mirrors are, to say the least, the best.'' Introducing "Mirror" with photos. Over 7,000 reposts and over 50,000 likes have been received (as of 9pm on February 29th).

    A person in charge of the company X, who eats apples every morning when they are in season, said, ``The photo was taken on February 11th of this year.We really wanted to introduce the ``apple-loving feeling'' that perfectly matches the shape of the apple and the circle and color of the curved mirror. "I would be happy if people saw my post and decided to go to Hirosaki."

    ``Among the many reactions that said it was cute and wonderful, what left an impression on me was the voices of gratitude from local people.I was happy to hear that some people were happy and said thank you for introducing me.''

    According to the person in charge of Hirosaki City, which manages the "Apple Curved Mirror," in 2000 (Heisei 12), the "Apple Curved Mirror" was installed at the entrance to Apple Park with the aim of becoming a "rich industrial town that utilizes local resources." One unit was installed. Currently, there are four ``Apple Curved Mirrors'' managed by the city, but there are also ``Apple Curved Mirrors'' installed by the neighborhood association, so the number is unknown.

    In addition to the ``Apple Curved Mirror,'' there are also apple-shaped clocks, manholes, and mailboxes with apple objects on them. The person in charge said, ``This is a unique initiative for a city that is Japan's largest producer of apples.There are a lot of things to do with apples in the city, so we want people to come and find them.''

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