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    Local food event "3rd Bread Summit" in Aomori - Grilling stand for 100 people

    Local food event "3rd Bread Summit" in Aomori - Grilling stand for 100 people

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    The ``3rd Stick Bread Summit'' will be held on March 2nd and 3rd at the Aomori Prefectural Tourism and Product Center ASPAM (1 Yasukata, Aomori City).

    The event featured Aomori City's local food ``stick bread'', which is made by wrapping bread dough around a bamboo stick and grilling it over charcoal. It will be held once a year from 2022, and this year will be the third time. In addition to setting up an experience corner where you can bake your own breadsticks, we will also sell breadstick-themed items, original goods, and food and drink menus related to breadsticks.

    The event was sponsored by Shima Yamaguchi, the owner of the general store ``Minotsukisha'' (Yanagicho). The idea was for both adults and children to enjoy the stick bread that Yamaguchi loves.

    Last year, about 2,500 people baked stick bread in the experience corner, which this year has added four drum baking tables so that 100 people can bake at the same time. Mr. Yamaguchi explained, ``Based on last year's experience where we had to wait a lot, we added more grilling tables.The 15-meter grilling table, which will be installed the same as last time, has been improved so that the firepower does not weaken.'' do.

    At the experience corner, participants receive a stick wrapped in the desired bread dough at the reception desk, and then have the opportunity to bake the stick for about 10 to 15 minutes on a baking stand. Prices are: single (1 piece) = 300 yen, double (2 pieces) = 600 yen, triple (3 pieces) = 800 yen. You can choose from three types of dough: ``plain,'' ``chocolate chip,'' and ``mugwort'' and mix and match as you like. The staff checks the doneness, and if it is cooked, they remove it from the stick, put it in a cup, and give it to the participant.

    Mr. Yamaguchi said, ``This year, we continued to give shape to the ideas that came to mind, such as making special sticks and having the Aomori-based band ``Ukigumo'' compose an original song.While preserving the goodness of the long-loved stick bread, We've prepared some fun tricks that will leave a lasting impression, so we hope you'll come and try our delicious stick bread."

    The event is held from 10:00 to 16:00. free entrance. On both days, ``MUSUBI'', a gathering of five events sponsored by ``Sannotsukisha'', will be held simultaneously at the Aspam building. In total, 60 stores will open at the summit.

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