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    Aomori's "Theater Troupe Yorugoe" is looking for performers for its inaugural performance on the theme of "Occult Stories"

    Aomori's "Theater Troupe Yorugoe" is looking for performers for its inaugural performance on the theme of "Occult Stories"

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    Aomori's Theater Troupe Yorugoe is currently recruiting performers for its inaugural performance to be held in September.

    The theater company was formed in March of this year. It was launched by the company's director, Hidekatsu Kamata, former secretary general of the Aomori Theater Appreciation Association, and Sonoko Funaki, a member of the association who works at a design company in Aomori and is in charge of writing and directing, with the desire to "increase the number of theatergoers in Aomori City."

    Funaki was a member of the drama club in high school. In 2022, as an executive committee member for the Aomori performance of a play by the Tobiraza Theater Company based on the Aomori-born comedy writer Kikutani Sakae, he was in charge of drafting the pamphlet and holding related exhibitions. "I was impressed by the rules for writing a play script, 'Ten Rules for Playwriting,' in the play, and became interested in writing plays," he recalls.

    Last winter, with the encouragement of Kamata and the backing of Kikutani Sakae's "Ten Rules for Playwriting," Funaki completed his first script, "Go Beyond the Occult Night." This was also the catalyst for the launch of the theater company. Kamata said, "I wanted to start a theater company for the younger generation. I knew that Funaki had experience in theater, and I thought that he could write it."

    "Go Beyond the Occult Night" will be performed as the inaugural performance on September 28th and 29th. The venue is the conference room of the Aomori Theater Appreciation Association (Yasukata 2, Aomori City). It will be co-hosted with the theater club of the same association. "It's a pop story based on occult stories told by regular customers at live music venues, and is composed of music, dance, and conversation," says Funaki. When they started recruiting members for the performance, they found people to take charge of stage design, costumes, and music, but there were not many performers.

    They are looking for one master (male in his 40s-50s), two regular customers (in their 20s-30s), one regular customer (in his 40s-50s), and one part-timer (in his teens-30s). They must not belong to any other theater company, and they also welcome applications from other genres, such as musicians and artists. They are also looking for staff for stage direction, prop making, sound operation, etc. A script reading with theater company staff and performers is scheduled for June 16th at the association.

    Funaki invites applications, saying, "Even if you're interested in theater but don't have the opportunity, inexperienced people or beginners are welcome. You're welcome to just watch, so please feel free to contact me. I want the younger generation to know how fun theater is."

    Applications will be accepted through the theater company's official X (formerly Twitter) account.

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