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    "Snack bar" event on Hirosaki promenade - Food and drink allowed

    "Snack bar" event on Hirosaki promenade - Food and drink allowed

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    The event "STREET SNACK LAMP" will be held on June 1st on the promenade next to "Niji no Mart" near Hirosaki Station.

    The event was organized by the "Hitomachi Komichi Project," which was launched by Hiroto Hamada, managing director of "Ikikaki Market," which operates the "Niji no Mart" market, with the concept of "making better use of the town."

    On the day of the event, the promenade was designated as the first "Special Road Occupation Area" in Aomori Prefecture. It was designated on February 9th this year, and in late April, the road was turned into an open terrace with chairs and tables set up. On May 4th, a trash picking event called "Cleanup & Coffee Club" was held.

    Hamada says, "By continuing our efforts to utilize the promenade, I hope that local residents will feel more involved with the town and develop a sense of awareness of improving their lives through their own efforts."

    On the day, Hamada will be the store owner. "Please feel free to use the space, including bringing in food and drinks purchased at Niji no Mart. We would like to continue holding this event once a month as a new way to use the area," said Hamada.

    The event will be held from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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