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    Women-only bathing event "Otome Onsen" held for the first time in Tohoku at Asamushi Onsen in Aomori

    Women-only bathing event "Otome Onsen" held for the first time in Tohoku at Asamushi Onsen in Aomori

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    A women-only bathing event called "Otome Onsen" was held on May 18th at Tatsumikan (Asamushi, Aomori City, TEL 017-752-2222 ). The event was sponsored by "Reborn.R" and "Aomori Welfare Bank" (Hamada, Aomori City).

    The event was planned to allow people to enjoy bathing without worrying about scars or hair loss after surgery for breast cancer, etc. The first event was held in October 2020 in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture. This is the first time it has been held in Tohoku.

    On the day, 26 people participated from Aomori City, as well as from various parts of the prefecture such as Hirosaki and Towada, and Morioka City. After enjoying a relaxing bath, they loosened their faces with a small face stretching class taught by stretch trainer Toshie Kakimoto. At lunchtime, they spent a peaceful time eating lunch boxes from the cafe "Apricot" (Hotarudani, Asamushi, Aomori City).

    After lunch, we had a social gathering. After the talks by Ms. Ai Watanabe, the representative of "Reborn.R", and Ms. Masa Toshima, the proprietress of Tatsumikan, the participants introduced themselves and shared their experiences, and the participants listened to what each of them had to say.

    A woman in her 70s from Aomori City said, "I was able to talk to people who have experienced the same disease and it gave me energy. I want to participate in various events while consulting with my body." A woman in her 40s from Morioka City said with a smile, "This is an event I've always wanted to participate in. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I've had fewer opportunities to share information with people around me, so it was helpful."

    Ms. Toshima, the proprietress of Tatsumikan, recalls, "The expressions on everyone's faces were completely different when they arrived and when they left. I was impressed that they were smiling and talking to each other as if they were old friends when they left." Mr. Watanabe is enthusiastic, saying, "I'm glad that there are voices saying that they want us to hold it again. I'm grateful to everyone who cooperated. I'd like to hold it in other hot spring areas in Tohoku."

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